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Pain Conditions We Treat

Back Pain

Low back pain can originate from injuries of the soft tissue structures, muscles, ligaments, spinal joints, discs or vertebrae.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a very common complaint in patients. Oftentimes, neck pain is related to poor posture, excess stress, or working long hours. It can be caused by trauma, whiplash injuries, falls, degenerative arthritis, spinal stenosis, herniated disc syndrome or spinal cord injuries.


Arthritis is a disease that causes pain and loss of movement of the joints. The word arthritis literally means joint inflammation (arth=joint, ritis=inflammation). Arthritis can be acute or chronic and affect every joint in the body.

Sports Injuries

Most common sports injuries can include acute damage to the soft tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerve entrapments. Common injuries are muscle strains or sprains, contusions, overuse injuries including stress fractures, tendonitis and bursitis.


Headaches are classified into three categories, primary, secondary, and other which can include cranial neuralgia and facial pain. Primary headaches include migraine and tension headaches. The pain of headaches can be mild to very severe in intensity and can impact the quality of daily life.

Myalgia & Fibromyalgia

Myofascial pain syndrome is a common local painful muscle disorder caused by myofascial trigger points. Fibromyalgia is a generalized pain condition more common in females (4:1) with the association of multiple trigger points.

Nerve Pain

Nerve entrapment syndromes on mononeuropathy can occur in athletes as a result of swelling in the surrounding soft tissues or anatomical abnormalities.


Sacroilitis is the inflammation of the sacro- iliac joint between the sacrum and the ilium. The joint is very narrow with little range of motion. The causes of SI joint inflammation are arthritis or diseases such as ankylosis spondylitis.

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Pain Relief Procedures

Stem Cell Therapy

All people begin as just a single cell. This phone is known as a zygote, or a prepared egg. The zygote isolates into two cells, at that point four cells, etc. In the long run, the cells start to separate, taking on a specific capacity in a piece of the body. This cycle is called separation.

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At the iHeal Pain Center, we treat the entire spectrum of spinal disorders, ranging from sciatica and cervical radiculopathy to complex brain and spine cancers.

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At the iHeal Pain Center, we take your sports-related injuries and limitations seriously. In addition to diagnosing your condition, our specialists listen carefully to your goals and develop a personalized treatment plan to repair your injury and help you return to performing at your peak.

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Regenerative Cell Therapy & Regenerative Sports Medicine

Regenerate and recover with Stem Cell Therapy! Avoid major surgeries and toxic medications. At Iheal Pain Center, we have perfected treatment methods that can help you heal naturally. Our comprehensive treatment protocols focus on delivering results.Regenerative cell therapy today is a giant leap closer to pain-free tomorrows…

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