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"Dr. Desai is an exceptional doctor. She has treated me for consistent pain in my knees and back and shoulder. After leaving her I feel a great relief and that relief lasts. Dr. Desai's bedside manor is wonderful. She takes the time to listen to your pains and then goes over a treatment plan which works !!! The office is modern and very clean. I highly recommend her and her practice."
- Patricia B

Pain Management fibromyalgia

Dr. Jignyasa Desai

Board Certified in PM&R and Pain Medicine

iHeal Pain Center offers both therapeutic and interventional options for treatment of all pain conditions including sports injury and spinal medicine. This office is unique because it incorporates the philosophy of both traditional medicine as well as rejuvenation and holistic treatments for the management of pain.
Dr. Jignyasa Desai is the founder of iHeal Pain center and is medically trained as an Osteopathic physician. She is highly trained in advanced interventional pain management procedures with ACGME accredited pain fellowship training at Temple University. She has advanced training in percutaneous discectomy and endoscopic rhizotomy procedures.
Dr. Desai is dually board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as Pain Medicine. Her ideology has been influenced by integrative medicine philosophies. She approaches the patient with a holistic approach including counseling on diet, nutrition, exercise and specific injury related issues. She performs the traditional steroid injection therapies for pain control as well as alternatives such as biopuncture, prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma therapy and Stem cell therapy. She is also a widely published physician.
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Conditions We Treat

iHeal Pain offers specialized medical care techniques for most chronic pain conditions that are:

Neck & Back Pain

There are advanced interventional techniques to alleviate inflammation and provide long term pain relief avoiding major surgery.

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Arthritis & Joint Injury 

Steroid injections, Hyaluronic gel injections, amnio or prolotherapy help to reduce inflammation and heal tissue.


Botox therapy is a long lasting management option for chronic migraines.

Myofascial Pain and Fibromyalgia

Homeopathic trigger point injection therapy, prolotherapy along with nutrition regiment help for myalgic pain. LDN is a novel drug option in the treatment of fibromyalgia.

Nerve Pain 

NCV/EMG testing to dx nerve pain. There are both medication and interventional tx.

Sacro-iliac Pain

Sacro-iliac pain is often severe and misdiagnosed. SI joint injections and RFA ablation of the joint can treat the pain.

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Spinal Injections

    ​Percutaneous Discectomy
    Epidural Injection
    Facet Joint Injection
    Sacro-iliac Injection

Sports Medicine

    Joint Injection
    Trigger Point
    Bursae Injection


    PRP-Platelet Rich plasma

If you’ve explored other healthcare solutions for your chronic pain condition and haven’t seen any success, Lifespring Pain Management Center has the pain doctors you need to see.