Trigger Point Injection

triggerWhat is a trigger point injection?


Trigger points are “knotty” areas or bands in muscle tissue. Trigger points are commonly seen in “Myofascial Pain Syndrome.”


What is the purpose of Trigger point injections?


Trigger point injections are sometimes given for neck pain, headaches, and low back pain to treat muscle spasms and other soft tissue problems. Typically a low dose of anesthetic medication is injected into the trigger points after careful examination.


How long does the injection take and will it hurt?


This is a simple in office procedure and gives excellent relief for headaches, neck pain, and mid/low back pain, shoulder, hip and thigh pain of the myofascial origin and soft tissue damage. There is minimal to no pain on needle entry as ethyl chloride cold spray is used to freeze the skin.


How is the injection performed?


An ethyl chloride cold spray is used prior to the injection so that the needle is not felt on the skin. The procedure takes 5-10 minutes based on the location and number of trigger points. A mixture of lidocaine and steroid or lidocaine and homeopathic solution is used to inject the trigger point, which helps to release the muscle spasm. These injections may be repeated as symptoms return in the patient.


What are the risk and complications?


It is generally a safe procedure. But as with any injection procedure, it carries a small risk of potential complications such as bleeding and infection.