Plantar Fasciitis



Plantar fasciitis is an over use condition of the plantar fascia at its attachment to the calcaneous. It has a similar pathology has tendinosis, with disarray of the collagen. It is caused by individuals with pes planus (flat feet) or pes cavus ( high arches). The flat foot deformity will place an increased strain on the origin of the plantar fascia at the calcaneous as the plantar fascia attempts to maintain a stable arch during propulsion in walking. In a high arch foot there can be excessive strain on the heel area because the foot lacks the ability to evert in order to absorb the shock and adapt itself to the ground. The patient will present with acute tenderness along the medial heel especially with walking. Ultrasound is the gold standard diagnostic investigation for plantar fasciitis, with swelling of the plantar fascia. Treatment includes Physical therapy and stretching. Platelet Rich plasma injections can often help heal this condition.